Energy Mexico 2019

Investment in the Mexican Energy Industry: Opportunities in a time of change



The current status of the Mexican energy sector has a growing demand and need for the diversification of the country’s energy model.

At the present, 84 percent of natural gas is imported, of which most comes for the US. Most countries do not import more than 52 percent of their natural gas and especially do not depend on one sole country, like Mexico does on the US.

The new administration is slowly unveiling its plan for a new energy model and sustainability is key to develop future projects and plans.

The role of the private sector in the development of Mexico’s energy market cannot be understated. Private companies will be essential in the country’s road toward implementing clean energy projects.

This session will provide an analysis of the Mexican energy sector with four main visions:

1. General overview of the sector
2. Business decisions 
3. Legal certainty
4. Investment outlook




Rodolfo Rueda Ballesteros
Senior Counsel International Energy Practice (Thompson & Knight LLP)
Member of the World Energy Council (United Nations)

Rodolfo is an attorney and senior advisor with expertise in energy, natural resources, and infrastructure projects. Recognized by the World Energy Council (United Nations) as an FEL 100 world energy leader.
His practice covers the entire lifecycle of energy projects including bidding applications, M&A, financing, dispute resolution, construction, operation and maintenance, and licensing. He also resolves environmental, compliance, and regulatory concerns. 
His unique experience as both an in-house lawyer and private practice practitioner has equipped him with a valuable understanding of the intricacies and opportunities in the energy and natural resources sector both in Mexico and internationally. Under Rodolfo’s legal and business advisory the industry has developed at least 8,500 MW and 1,000 kms of gas pipelines. 
He is an active member of the World Energy Council (UK), the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK), board member of the Consultant Water Council (Consejo Consultivo del Agua) and current board member of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Mexican Government.  Rodolfo earned a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Universidad Anahuac (Mexico) before gaining postgraduate qualifications in Business Law, Corporate Finance, and Energy Law. Rodolfo received a Master’s in Business Administration with a specialization in Energy and Business from the ICADE Business School at Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (Spain) and a Master’s in Business Administration from Strathclyde University Business School (Scotland).




Cesar Alejándro Villegas
General Counsel
Acciona Mexico

Cesar is a lawyer with international experience and expertise in business legal affairs, energy business development, negotiation and the execution of large financing, infrastructure, O&M/ EPC/PPA contracts and Consortium agreements for the Power Generation/ Energy Supply/ Construction Business.

He also has experience in Project Contract Management, Insurance and Risk Management.


Claudio Rodríguez Galán
Thompson & Knight LLP

Claudio Rodríguez serves as the ThompsonKnight Mexico City Office Leader and focuses his practice on energy and infrastructure matters.

With experience in several Latin American markets and more than 16 years in close connection with the energy market in Mexico, he represents international energy companies doing business in Mexico, including with regard to wind, downstream, water, solar, cogeneration, combined-cycle, pipeline, LNG, nuclear, geothermal, and transmission projects.

Claudio focuses on the effects of complex regulation on his clients’ businesses, including those derived from the Mexican Energy Reform and new federal administration criteria.


Enrique Giménez Sainz de la Maza
Fisterra Energy Mexico

Director of Fisterra Energy Mexico, Enrique has more than twenty years of experience in the electric industry.

Starting his career at Arthur Andersen and J.P. Morgan, later he had under his responsibility the creation and development of power marketing companies for markets under deregulation processes such as the Spanish and the British in companies such as Enron Corporation and Centrica.

Furthermore, he has plenty of experience developing combined cycle power plants and wide experience in energy efficiency and consulting.

Enrique holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from Deusto Commercial University in Bilbao, Spain and a MBA from the Manchester Business School, as well as the Degree in Senior Management Program (PADE) from IESE. He is also certified by the American Association of Electrical Engineers and the Efficiency Valuation Organization.


Katya Somohano Silva
Energy Director
Deacero Group

Prior to her commitments in Deacero Group, Mrs. Somohano has served as Chief Executive Officer of CFE Calificados, CFE´s Qualified Supplier Company. After one year of operations CFE Calificados has positioned itself as the undisputed leader of the Qualified Market. Throughout this period CFE Calificados has secured an energy efficient portfolio that will attract more than $2,500 million dollars in investment.

Since September 2016, Mrs. Somohano is part of the Advisory Board of Universidad Panamericana IPADE Business School. During the 2014-2015 period, Mrs. Somohano served as Head of CFE’s Investment Promotion Office and lead the Company’s transformation process. This process involved an ambitious mobilization effort of CFE’s more than 100,000 employees, as well as an internal and external deployment. On the one hand, the external deployment focused on advancing CFE’s interests with regulatory bodies. On the other hand, the internal deployment concentrated in dividing the Corporation into thirteen different companies and designing CFE’s new operational model.

Previously, Mrs. Somohano served as Head of the Ministry of Energy “Hydrocarbons Boards and Committees Unit”, responsible for promoting the Ministry’s interests in PEMEX Board of Directors and Committees. From this position, she was involved in the draft and enactment of the Mexican Energy Reform.

Katya Somohano has participated in multiple national and international conferences. She also has been a lecturer at the Law School of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and is currently a member of the Mexican Council of International Affairs (COMEXI).