Chambers Seminar: Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property Seminar will be looking at:

> Online enforcement of IP rights
> Design and brand legal protection
> Economic evaluation of IP assets

Time: 15:30 – 17:00

This session will be held in Italian.


Luigi Goglia
Founding Partner
LGV Avvocati

Luigi is one of the founding partners of LGV Avvocati. He has acquired an extensive knowledge in all IP and IP-related matters, ranging from patents, to designs, trademarks, copyright. Luigi assists leading companies in the mechanical field, as well as in the automotive, energy, electronics, medical devices, cosmetics and chemistry sectors. In the field of design, he has a considerable experience in proceedings before the EUIPO as well as in the national judicial environment. He has been involved in litigation for companies operating in the lighting, hotel supply, automotive and fashion sectors. For many years, he has been advising and still advises companies owning brands in a wide range of sectors, from banking to motorcycling, from clothing to luxury goods. He is also active in the field of software, being involved in various leading litigation as well as consultancy activities in this area of expertise for leading companies, such as among others, banks and insurances. Luigi also advises on corporate matters, dealing with M&A operation of various kinds, and covering various commercial issues, including distribution and agency agreements as well as licensing of industrial property rights.



Matteo Mezzetto
Legal Affairs Specialist
Cattolica Assicurazioni

From 2006 to 2017 Mr Mezzeto was at the Non-motor Complaints Claims Office and Disputes Department for four regional macro-areas at the Claims Department of the Cattolica Assicurazioni. He was responsible for the General Management in Verona, as a Non-Life High Value Health TPL / RCT-RCO / Injuries, D&O and Civil and Professional Responsibility specialist.
In 2017 Mr. Mezzeto became Legal Affairs Specialist within the Legal and Corporate Affairs Department of the Cattolica Group where he deals with Litigation, Contracts, General Opinions, Legal advice to Group Companies and legal support for the various departments of the Company in the context of Transversal and strategic programs.

Simona Lavagnini
Founding Partner
LGV Avvocati

Simona is one of the founding partners of LGV Avvocati and has considerable experience in the area of intellectual property law, especially copyright, new technologies, trademarks, designs. Simona’s experience extends to litigation on behalf of relevant copyright, trademarks and designs owners, including software houses, videogame producers, phonographic industry (and relevant associations), fashion companies, brand owners, spare part producers and distributors. She manages enforcement programs extended to the whole of the national territory (civil, criminal, administrative) and is used to dealing with cross borders and European-level litigation and issues. She is also active in the field of patents and know-how protection, privacy, cybersecurity, rights of personality, unfair competition, advertising. Simona regularly advices clients on a diverse range of legal out-of-court matters such as licenses, tenders, fairs organizations and contracts, commercial communication, cloud contracts, outsourcing, compliance. She also represents and assists clients in lobbying activities, such as the videogame industry association and some videogame producers, including in highly complex issues such as eSports regulations as well as AGCOM online antipiracy regulation, modifications to the new regulation on the protection of minors in the audiovisual sector - including the web and video games.

Tankred Thiem
LGV Avvocati

Tankred Thiem graduated in Law from Konstanz University, in Germany, in 2004. He was admitted to the German Bar in 2006 and, in that same year, joined LGV, where he now assists Italian and foreign clients. He was admitted to the Italian Bar in 2010. He has extensive experience in the enforcement of exclusive rights and has successfully developed and conducted brand building strategies and programs for combating counterfeiting practices, including court proceedings, consultancy on the registration of trademarks, opposition proceedings and assistance in tradeshows in Italy and abroad. Tankred heads the German Department at LGV and is specialized in cross-border litigation and parallel proceedings in Germany, Austria and Italy; moreover, on account of his technical abilities, he also assists clients in patent proceedings in India.

Andrea Vestita
Syntagma Dottori Comrcialisti Associati 



Andrea Vestita is a Partner of Syntagma Dottori Commercialisti Associati, a Chartered Accountant and an Auditor, as well as a Technical Consultant at the Court of Milan and a Professional Mediator at the Chamber of Arbitration and Conciliation of the Bar of Accountants of Milan. He is a Registered Chartered Accountant in Milan, has a Degree in Economics and Commerce from the University of Florence and a Post-graduate Degree in Accounting from the Bar of Accountants of Milan. He is currently a Liquidator for ISI Iniziative Strategiche Immobiliari; a Statutory Auditor of Immobiliare Cerreto, of LES Italy and of AIPPI; and the Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors of SNA Europe Italia and of Business Management Systems.