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Founded in 1992, Commerce & Finance Law Offices is one of the top business law firms in China. With over 400 professionals and four offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, the firm has steadily built up its well-recognized practice and reputation in fields of dispute resolution, capital markets, corporate/M&A, private equity, banking and finance, investment fund, restructuring and insolvency, and TMT, etc. The firm focuses on solving the clients’ most demanding and critical problems and dedicates itself to providing advice and expertise at the highest level. Inside the firm, partners with distinct strength and advantage always team up together for more tailored service. The firm is proud of its team-based way of working and the remarkable results it secures for the clients. Sources described the firm as, “They know the relevant industry well and have good communication skills with clients. They handle the client’s expectation well.”

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The merger between East Associates Law Firm and Concord & Partners in 2014 brought into being East & Concord Partners, one of the largest and the most comprehensive law firms in China. Briefy, East Associates Law Firm and Concord & Partners were established in 1993 and 1995 respectively, are among the earliest established law firms in China and both have nationwide influence and reputation. We are headquartered in Beijing and have branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Hangzhou. The firm has over 300 professionals. And the structure of partners and consultants is mature and stable. In addition to experienced partners and consultants who have practiced law for more than 30 years, our firm is comprised of legal experts who have years of working experience in national ministries, courts, procuratorate, international arbitration institution and prestigious law firms and young and middle-aged attorneys who have gained qualifications and hands-on experience in law schools and firms throughout United States, Europe, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our working languages include Chinese, English, Japanese and French.

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As a leading PRC boutique firm specialised in PE and M&A areas, Han Yi Law Offices regularly represents world-class private equity investors, venture capitalists, active industrial investors, hedge funds and PRC state-owned investors targeting essentially all major industry areas in a wide variety of PE transactions, including buyouts (leveraged and non-leveraged), early and late-stage venture investments, restructurings, going private and recapitalizations, PIPEs, and exit transactions. The Shanghai-based firm has a proven track record of structuring and executing innovative and complex cross-border PE and VC investment deals and M&A transactions related to China, frequently involving parties from multiple jurisdictions. The firm and its lawyers have been consistently ranked high by various leading and influential professional ranking agencies especially in the practice areas of PE/VC investments and M&A transactions.

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Founded in the early 1990s, Jingtian & Gongcheng is one of the first private and independent partnership law firms in China. Since its inception, the firm has been dedicated to providing clients with high-quality and efficient legal services and grown into one of the top full-service business law firms in China. The firm is active in a wide variety of practices and is recognized as an industry leader in Capital Market, Merger & Acquisition, Outbound Investment, Dispute Resolution, PE/VC Investments and etc. The firm is headquartered in Beijing with offices strategically located in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Tianjin, Nanjing and Hong Kong. Jingtian& Gongcheng lawyers have had experiences in leading domestic or international law firms, governmental departments, and leading enterprises.  Continuing learning and training have enabled our lawyers to provide clients with stable and high-quality legal services. Over the 20 years of experience, Jingtian & Gongcheng has earned an outstanding reputation in the industry and is widely recognized by clients both in China and abroad as a top tier law firm in China.

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Established on May 25 2000, Tahota Law Firm has become a leading large and comprehensive law firm in China. It began its business in western China and it now has branch offices in Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guiyang, Jinan, Kunming, Lhasa, Tianjin, Xi’an, Taiyuan, Hong Kong, Washington DC, Seou, Busan and Sydney.

Talented lawyers with a profound theoretical foundation and extensive practical experience are the cornerstone of Tahota Law Firm's development. Tahota Law Firm pays great attention to its lawyers' career development and has established a scientific management system which has attracted more than 300 partners, 1000 practicing lawyers and 1,500 employees. Most of its lawyers have graduated from renowned domestic and foreign law schools, while dozens of them have doctorates, overseas educational backgrounds and professional qualifications relating to the securities business, delimitation of state-owned property and patents, as well as being certified public accountants and certified tax agents, etc.