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The White Collar Crime Practice Team of Yoon & Yang consists of experienced attorneys specialized in criminal investigations conducted by the prosecution and the police, mid-level attorneys who accumulated many years of court hearing experience by working at the Judiciary, and young and innovative attorneys with a wide range of expertise and professional knowledge. In particular, Yoon & Yang has more attorneys who were a high-ranking prosecutors or judges, such as Jong Bin Kim, former Prosecutor General, Joon Gyu Kim, former Prosecutor General, Hong Hoon Lee, former Supreme Court Justice, Young Kon Cho, former Chief Prosecutor of Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office, Ju-Hung Lee, former Chief Judge of Seoul Central District Court, etc., than any other law firm in Korea. 

The past year was a particularly busy year for white collar criminal defense attorneys, because CEOs and other executives of major corporations in Korea were subject to police investigations, tax probes, and subsequent prosecutions. The Korean government has been pressuring these big corporations to be transparent and accountable by conducting government-sanctioned investigations on the CEOs and high-level employees. Subsequently, some have been indicted for embezzlement, bribery, or breach of trust. Yoon & Yang has been successfully representing some of these executives from the Korean conglomerates and large corporations.


Cha, Dong Eon (Head of Department)

Chung, Duk Mo (Head of Department)

Cho, Young Kon

Yoo, Seung Ryong



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