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Bulgaria Tax
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Uniquely for a law firm acting on the Bulgarian market we have strong tax expertise. Tax law is notoriously complex but our approach is always to keep things as simple and clear-cut as possible. Thus, our clients rely on clear and authoritative guidance to achieving successful results.

Our Reputation

Our tax team has an unparalleled track record of successful tax disputes and litigation cases. We bring together detailed knowledge of national and international tax law in order to access relevant expertise quickly and seamlessly.   

Our Cases

Our clients come to us for large complex and often cross-border cases because of our experience with such matters and our ability to take into account all legal and tax aspects of a case at once. Wolf Theiss won three landmark cases related to input VAT recovery on project infrastructure for Sofia Park; these cases changed the practice of the Supreme Administrative Court.

Our Role

Our experience covers a wide range of disciplines from corporate restructurings to tax disputes and litigation, stock option plans to VAT issues, cross-border leasing to private foundations.  In each case, we offer legal advice designed to get quick, effective and efficient results. 

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Tax - Bulgaria
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What the team is known for

Wolf Theiss has a solid regional presence and is capable of assisting international and domestic clients with the structuring of cross-border operations as well as VAT. Tax law disputes are an additional area of experience for the team. Clients include technology, financial services and software companies.

Notable practitioners

Anna Rizova is a key client contact.


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