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Albania Dispute Resolution
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Currently the Albanian court system is undergoing a thorough reformation, initiated by the EU. With the complex situation in the country, clients rely on the highly specialized team of dispute resolution lawyers in the Wolf Theiss Albania office.


Our Experience

The Wolf Theiss Albania office can look back at many years of tackling Dispute Resolution cases; thus creating a strong team of experts who know the system. In Albania dispute resolution cases undergo three levels from the First Instance Court up to the Supreme Court. Due to corruption, cases are often unnecessarily prolonged. Clients need to be able to rely on a team who know the system and who have the expertise and the will to push things forward and to win cases.


Our Reputation

Our team has advised in numerous aspects of dispute resolution, from IP litigation arising from copyright and trademark infringement, to violation of contractual obligations and employment settlements.


Our Clients

Wolf Theiss Albania has gained a reputation for working on important cases with some of the biggest companies in the fields of telecommunication and media; such as Telekom Albania (part of the Deutsche Telekom Group), the British Sky Broadcasting Group, Top-Channel and Digitalb. 


Our Role

Clients benefit from our strong team of dispute resolution lawyers. In addition, the work conducted by our local experts is backed up by the international expertise that our office offers in complex ground-breaking cases.

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Dispute Resolution

Sokol Nako
Sokol Nako
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Agim Muço
Agim Muço
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Blerta Nesho

Denis Selimi

Jonida Braja

Kristaq Profkola


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Antea Cement

British Sky Broadcasting Group plc

Digitalb sh.a. (the biggest digital platform operator in AL)

Telekom Albania (part of the Deutsche Telekom Group)

Top channel sh.a. (the biggest TV operator in Albania)

UFT (part of the Western Union Group)


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Construction & Materials

Consumer Product Manufacturing


Food & Beverage Producers