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The Walder Wyss Banking & Finance team is one of the largest teams in Switzerland and very experienced.
The team handles cases in domestic and international banking, securitisations, infrastructure and project finance, domestic and cross-border leasing, and structured financial instruments, as well as over-the-counter and exchange-traded derivatives. Walder Wyss advises on all aspects of Swiss securities laws and regulations, including public equity and debt offerings, government finance, private placements and investment fund offerings.
Walder Wyss was regularly involved in large scale international lending transactions as well as in domestic lending transactions, where it constantly advises the most important domestic investment banks.
Walder Wyss is the frontrunner for Swiss structured finance transactions and is involved in most public and private ABS transactions, synthetic transactions, covered bond transactions and other securitisations. In particular in auto lease ABS and mortgage loan transactions, Walder Wyss has an extensive industry expertise.


Defferrard, Luc

Härtsch, Theodor

Hillerström, Hubertus

Knobloch, Stefan

Müller, Thomas

Nordmann, Francis

Pfenninger, Markus D

Sturny, Thiemo

Wyss, Lukas

Wyss, Lukas

Wyss, Ramona