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Thanks to our extensive experience in the industry, throughout our 78 years, SANCLEMENTE FERNANDEZ ABOGADOS S.A. (SFA), has gained an exceptional insight of this sector, providing highly specialized and comprehensive counseling to operator, service, transport, financing and power generating companies. Our Firm has provided consultancy on developing projects in different areas such as oil, mining, energy, industrial, corporate and infrastructure. We provide among others, consultancy services in:

  • Exploration, production, transport, commercialization, refining, marketing and financing in the oil and mining industry.

  •  Award and negotiation of Association Contracts, Exploration and Production Agreements (EPA) and Technical Evaluation Agreements (TEA) in bidding rounds with the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) and additional agreements on non-conventional reservoirs.

  • Farm Out, Joint Operation Agreements (JOA), PMC and EPC contracts.

  • Due Diligence processes for merger and acquisition transactions.
  • Structure different credit facilities, such as Syndicated Loans and Credit Lines among others.
  • Assistance in importation of machinery and equipment, and tax exemptions in the sector.
  • Non-conventional energy sources.

  • Assistance regarding mining and surface land disputes, water rights, local community and indigenous matters.

  • Litigation regarding land claims, popular actions, writs of mandamus, union strikes, labor lawsuits and tax claims at all judicial and administrative levels.


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