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We organize our lawyers into proactive project teams that address priority business segments. One such team is our Energy, Mining & Infrastructure (EMI) Group.

Investing in cross-border EMI projects entails navigating through a maze of unfamiliar local laws, different business practices, and unique cultural norms — all of which may stand as unwanted barriers or cause undesired expenses to major projects’ transactions.

Building on our wealth of experience in this sector, we understand the needs of both the private sector (lenders, financiers, constructors and operators) and public stakeholders (government and concessionaires) in large-scale projects. Our EMI team has been engaged as counsel in relation to projects undertaken by the government under public-private-partnership (PPP) programs and in transactions involving bids relating to the privatization of government assets and contracts. We assist clients in allocating and managing potential risks associated with EMI projects. We also advise on regulatory and contract management, project development, project financing, engagement with regulators and national/local stakeholders, dispute avoidance, investigations, and litigation.

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    Power
    Renewable Energy
    Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals
    Mining & Metals


Quintero, Dennis (Head of Department)

Calimon, Donemark

Dominguez, Ina Alexandra

Macapagal, Michael

Mendoza, Timothy Joseph


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