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We are Project Moore, an Amsterdam law firm specialising in IT-law and privacy. 

Things move fast in IT. The ways to handle and share information change every day. Innovations in big data, cloud computing and mobile apps offer exciting opportunities for customers and clients – and legal challenges, as legislation can’t keep up with technology. 

This is where lawyers with extensive IT experience can really make a difference. Our understanding of both the client and supplier side gives us an invaluable overview of the whole market. Whether it’s supporting international business strategies, untangling contract disputes, or minimising privacy risks, we rigorously analyse every situation to get the root of your individual needs.

We operate at the top of the market, serving multination clients who are leaders in their field, including technology companies, the Dutch government medical institutions and airlines. 

We believe that the success of a project is based in clear communication. No fuss, no hidden fees, no jargon. We work closely with our clients and (when necessary) parties whose expertise can boost our team to produce pragmatic, business-focused solutions that help companies grow.


Bokhorst, Joost

Feenstra, Irene

Feenstra, Irene

Ho, Anny

Koëter, Jeroen

van Seeters, Christian

van Til, Gijs

Viergever, Lieneke

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