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What the team is known for Prominent claimant practice primarily focused on civil liberties and human rights. Operating from Amsterdam and boasting an international profile, the firm offers:

• Experience assisting with a wide range of cross-border matters, including disputes related to indigenous rights and modern slavery conditions.

• Expertise representing claimants against parent Dutch companies in high-stakes civil claims concerning human rights violations and environmental disasters.

• Proficiency in handling cases before the District Court of The Hague.

Strengths An interviewee asserts that the lawyers "are very competent, and have a strong social conscience that results in them taking on important and challenging cutting-edge cases that many other firms would shy away from."

A client notes that the team "is well aware of the perspectives and interests of third parties in developing countries, collaborating to prevent, monitor and mitigate the negative human rights impacts of Dutch companies and agencies that are operating abroad." The interviewee concludes: "The firm is well equipped to provide clients with legal advice on issues relating to developing policy reform and advocacy strategies."

Notable practitioners

Channa Samkalden
represents clients in civil claims against multinational corporations concerning alleged human rights violations and environmental damage. Based in Amsterdam, Samkalden is hailed as an "outstanding lawyer" by clients, and praised for her "excellent judgement, knowledge of the law and close attention to detail."