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Trust law and probate disputes are becoming increasingly international with greater scope for disagreement.

As one of the leading firms in the country in this area Payne Hicks Beach is able to unlock difficult inheritance and trust disputes. Sometimes the disagreement is between trustees and beneficiaries, but often complex issues are involved such as rights governed by multi-national jurisdictions asserted over the same property involving high net worth parties.

Our work includes:

  • handling UK trust and estate disputes and the co-ordination of multi-jurisdictional disputes relating to ownership of assets
  • resolving conflicts between beneficiaries and trustees or executors and between trustees and protectors
  • advising executors when faced with claims by disappointed beneficiaries
  • dealing with defective or unclear wills or trust documents
  • advising trustees on their duties and obligations to individuals and authorities
  • advising beneficiaries on the enforcement of their rights
  • obtaining court directions for trustees in both hostile and non-contentious circumstances.

In disputes of this nature, resolving the conflict with the minimum of time and expense is essential as is having an expertise in this complicated area of the law. We always explore ways to resolve problems and examine all alternatives before resorting to litigation.

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