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We are a point of reference for legal services in connection to project development and project financing (non-recourse and limited recourse) of highways, ports, airports, pipelines, power plants, electrical transmission lines, waste water treatment plants, dams and water deviation projects, among others.

Our team accompanies private, domestic and foreign corporations in their endeavors in different economic sectors, regularly advising investors in bidding processes related to concessions, privatizations, unsolicited proposals (private initiatives), public-private partnerships, management and consulting contracts, among others.

We have extensive experience advising throughout all the stages of a project, from its initial legal planning and structuring, subsequent financing, pre-operative and developing stages, providing support for the initiation of operations and eventual sale, providing legal services in connection to the following:

  • Tendering for infrastructure concessions and private initiatives.
  • Project design, including contractual, tax, environmental and regulatory aspects.
  • Project contracts (including construction, supply and sale contracts).
  • Due diligence analysis of the corporate, contractual, environmental, regulatory and tax aspects of projects.
  • Mandate letters and term sheets for senior facilities and inter-creditor agreements, security packages and sponsor support contracts.
  • Syndication contracts, debt indenture and warranty agreements.


Cauvi, Juan José