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With a national reputation in both insurance regulatory and consumer finance regulatory compliance, McGlinchey is matched by few other firms in addressing the full range of clients’ insurance needs.

Our Insurance team serves clients holistically – on the front end by helping clients design new ideas, products and policies that solve specific (and often new or evolving) problems, as well as helping them to secure changes in law and regulations necessary to make their products responsive to the marketplace. In the middle, we address day-to-day operational needs: regulatory compliance, transactions (M&A as well as smaller asset purchases and sales), and due diligence. And on the back end, we handle claims and other insurance-related litigation. We also help insurance companies to evaluate investments in terms of the various investment guidelines promulgated by relevant state regulators.

Our national footprint has enabled the McGlinchey Insurance team to represent insurance clients in all 50 states. We know the particularities and various levels of scrutiny in each jurisdiction.

We have extensive experience representing insurance companies in the industries of their insureds, including financial services and banking, automotive, aviation, technology, real estate, asbestos, energy, healthcare, industrial equipment, consumer products, and more.

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