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McDermott Will & Emery has a fantastic reputation in California for its trust and estates practice. "I will say that they are one of my favourite law firms," an interviewee says, adding: "They are super knowledgeable, both from an estate planning and a tax perspective. I think that they are extremely responsive and timely - we are able to wrap up matters for clients fairly quickly and thoroughly. They have a great balance."

"I feel like I have the most knowledgeable people at the table and a team approach to serve clients," one source reports, continuing: "They are good advocates for my clients and also solid individuals that clients have been happy to have represent them as an extension of their team. Their commitment to getting the best possible legal answer for the client is impressive." Another source also praises the team's knowledge and experience, saying: "Their knowledge is superior and they are confident in their application of the law so it makes it easy to trust them and rely on them to serve my clients, who are like my family."

Notable practitioners

Elizabeth Glasgow offers high net worth clients a number of services including multi-generation wealth planning, business succession planning and charitable giving. One attorney comments: "She is very sharp, very thoughtful and she really just does an excellent job. I think very highly of her." An interviewee says: "She is so easy to work with, she is so pleasant. She is really smart, so good at what she does and she is responsive. She is very dedicated to her clients and there's an added perk that she is qualified in California and New York." Another enthuses that "Elizabeth has a tremendous understanding of the complicated tax issues the client faces, but she is also a good listener and practical," and further adds: "Elizabeth is my go-to trust and estates person. I enjoy working with her. She is on my short list for most of my client referrals."

Julie Kwon "is exceptionally bright, she really drills into the fine details," one source says."Julie is phenomenal - everyone would agree," says another interviewee, adding: "She is at the forefront of trust and estate planning. Julie is someone I really admire, I can't say enough good things about her. Her ability to recall tax and trust law down to the citation is incredible - she is an encyclopedia of knowledge." A third interviewee comments: "Julie stands out. She is the person you go to when you have complex matters and you need a solution. She can accomplish sheer miracles, in fact she has done. She has been fantastic, she is my favourite - one of the best technicians I have ever seen."

Katrina Crafton Fluet advises high net worth individuals, families and charitable organisations on estate, gift and tax planning, charitable planning and succession planning. "Katy is wonderful," one source comments, and another says: "She is an essential part of the McDermott Will & Emery team. She is proactive, she ensures projects are moving and she collaborates as part of the client team for solutions." An interviewee describes her as "very smart, very experienced, she is prompt, gets work done and she is responsive. She is a real star."

Laurelle Gutierrez assists affluent individuals on matters including estate, tax and philanthropic planning. "She is a real force in San Francisco, she is really good, and I enjoy working with her," one source comments. Another interviewee notes: "She is a technician, but she also has excellent client skills. She is very effective working with clients, understanding needs and defining appropriate plans." A third interviewee says that Gutierrez is "easy to work with, fast and smart. She is very proactive and gets things done efficiently."

Read Moore assists high net worth individuals in domestic and international markets with a range of matters including estate and trust administration and planning, succession planning and tax controversy. One source recognises Moore as "excellent for international cross-border estate planning work," and another says: "He is very experienced with cross-border work, he is my go-to guy for international matters. He is very thorough, he will track down every issue in every jurisdiction applicable to my client." An insider enthuses: "I think he is very responsive and I think he is certainly an expert in this field. He thinks of creative solutions and he is a real problem solver. He always seems to easily understand what we are trying to accomplish."

Michael Rosen-Prinz assists high net worth individuals and families with estate, gift and tax planning. One interviewee recognises Rosen-Prinz as "a good lawyer," and another says he is "young, bright, and someone very active in the industry."

Nicole Pearl assists affluent clients with estate administration, wealth planning and business succession planning. One source states that "she is very good with family work and multi-generational trusts," and another says: "Nicole is very knowledgeable with the various estate matters and issues. She cares deeply about providing a strong customer service, as well as a positive client result on a timely basis." A peer comments that Pearl is "phenomenal, so smart, so thoughtful, so dedicated. She gives things 100% of her attention."