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Provided by Mahassni & Co

Mahassni & Co. is consistently ranked as one of the best Dispute Resolution firms in the country. Hassan Mahassni is recognised as the stalwart of Saudi Arabian litigation.

Mahassni & Co.'s clients have been quoted as saying that "Mahassni has a great reputation as a litigation firm...Hassan Mahassni is held in high esteem as a stalwart of the Saudi legal market. He offers decades of experience handling all manner of commercial disputes".

The recognition and accolades are not very difficult to reckon, if one considers the outstanding performance of the multi-disciplinary dispute resolution department of the Firm for over last 50 years.

The Firm is known nationally for training highly successful lawyers who have eventually gone on to establish themselves as major players in the Saudi legal industry, with their own law firms. Since few judgments are compiled, and where a clear codification of court procedural guidelines is lacking, a lot of the information put to the service of clients is experience-driven. Also, good command of Shariah is crucial in Saudi Arabia since the constitution and all laws and regulations are subordinated to it. Mahassni & Co. has several highly experienced lawyers who are well versed in various Shariah precepts. In light of their expertise in regulatory and Shariah matters, our lawyers are often asked to act as experts of Saudi Arabian law in international dispute resolution.


Provided by Mahassni & Co

Atif Mulla

Emad Zahrani

Yousef Alhusiki

Head of Department