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Nationwide - Canada Dispute Resolution: Class Action (Plaintiff)
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Dispute Resolution: Class Action (Plaintiff) - Nationwide - Canada
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What the team is known for

JSS Barristers is a boutique law firm in Alberta noted for its strengths in cybersecurity, including data breach, as well as antitrust matters such as price fixing. The firm is also experienced in handling personal injury and sexual exploitation cases as well as offering additional strength in representing plaintiffs in cases against financial institutions.

Work highlights

JSS Barristers represented the plaintiff in a class action matter alleging that they had sustained losses as a result of documents published by Ithaca Energy and Les Thomas that misrepresented the company's offshore oil and gas business operations.

Notable practitioners

Calgary-based firm founding partner Carsten Jensen KC is held in high esteem for his handling of class action disputes in the oil and gas industry. He has additional experience in representing plaintiffs in proceedings concerning allegations of sexual exploitation and assault.
"Carsten is a bright lawyer who has creative solutions to problems."

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Nationwide - Canada

Dispute Resolution: Class Action (Plaintiff)

Carsten Jensen KC
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