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The firm’s Energy and Power team has extensive experience in energy law and regulations, and in advising all participants in energy transactions, including government, lenders, developers, contractors, and secondary markets purchases.

Its strength lies in the combined expertise in the fields of environmental law, power generation, green energy, and distribution, as well as all administrative law aspects, and planning development for various sectors, including residential development, ecotourism, petro terminals and its facilities, recycling services, distribution and land/maritime dispatch of hydrocarbons, transportation projects, power generation projects, railways, ports and airport facilities.

The firm represents clients in all aspect related but not limited to:

·       Legal advice on energy laws and regulations

·       Administrative and civil and proceedings

·       Concession Regimes for the construction and operation of hydroelectric and geothermal electricity generation plants, as well as for electrical power transmission and distribution activities for public services.

·       Negotiation and drafting of license and operations agreements

·       Acquisitions of power companies

·       Structuring and execution of privatization proceedings

·       Public Bids

·       Financing of thermal, hydroelectric plants, and distribution companies

·       Investigation and government audits

·       Negotiations with the National Public Services Authority (ASEP) to solve regulatory issues


Fonseca Z., Alfredo

González-Ruiz, Gabriel

Herrera Jr, Alexis V

Medina, Ana Graciela