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We have a proven track record of successfully advising clients involved in projects and disputes in the construction, engineering and energy sectors. Our team has extensive experience of advising clients in a wide range of projects from housing, commercial and retail to infrastructure, transport and renewable energy. We also carry out due diligence work for funders involved in development or project finance.

Reliable legal support is essential to ensure that your business is protected and that your project is delivered on budget and time. Often this is a team effort and involves us working closely with you and your consultants. Having the legal knowledge to advise on what needs to be reflected in the project documents from the outset is key.

When disputes arise, we use our knowledge and experience to help you resolve them in the quickest and most cost effective way, whatever their type and size. Whether this is through advising in the background, negotiation, adjudication or litigation, we ensure that your business is placed in the strongest possible position to achieve the best result.

Last but not least, we have an approach to our work which we know our clients appreciate. Having the knowledge is one thing but applying it in a commercial and practical way is what we believe we do best.


Jenkins, Iwan

Jenkins, Iwan

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Stevens, Matthew