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Ever-changing and strict regulatory demands on businesses mean infringements are increasingly resulting in multi-million pound fines and prosecutions. These can put your business, reputation and, for individuals, liberty at risk. Turn to our specialist lawyers for practical, prompt advice, providing peace of mind when you need it most.

You will benefit from an effective defence strategy combined with media experience to minimise reputational risk. Early advice and intervention is crucial, so get in touch with us straight away. We can help 24/7. We can also work with you on pro-active measures such as incident training including mock trials and interviews.

HSE Investigations
HSE investigations can cause massive disruption to your business. While your business has to survive under the shadow of potential prosecution, your reputation suffers.

How we can advise you
If, as a result of a workplace accident, you are facing investigation from the HSE, contact Hill Dickinson’s team of experienced health and safety lawyers. We will protect your rights during the investigation, protect against devastating consequences, protect your reputation throughout the process and take steps to protect your liberty where necessary.

Combining specialist expertise with sound commercial sense, drawing on a breadth of cross-industry know how, our dedicated regulatory team can guide you through every step of the process through to conclusion.

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Health & Safety - UK-wide
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What the team is known for

Strong and respected group of practitioners with broad expertise across health and safety law. Possesses lawyers experienced in prosecuting and defending cases. Regularly called upon to assist clients in the manufacturing, retail, hospitality, logistics and construction industries. Also advises on compliance and provides training to a range of prominent clients. Active in corporate manslaughter investigations.

Notable practitioners

Head of the regulatory department Philip Moy is a seasoned attorney in the health and safety sphere. He is adept at handling both gross negligence and corporate manslaughter cases. His clients stem from a range of sectors including construction, healthcare and hospitality.
"He is fantastic with the clients and a great team player." "He is charming, tenacious and hard-working."

Stephen Barnfield regularly acts on matters arising from the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. He has demonstrated his skills in handling corporate manslaughter cases on behalf of both organisations and individual directors.
"He is a very astute lawyer with a real eye for detail." "He is excellent and very experienced."

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