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Gonzalez Calvillo is a recognized leader in oil, gas and power related laws in Mexico. We are considered one of the preeminent firms with significant experience and expertise in the development and financing of the most important energy and infrastructure projects in our country. For the past thirty years our lawyers have developed critical knowledge by working with national and multinational sponsors, developers, banks, export credit agencies (ECA’s), multilateral development banks, international financial institutions, international oil companies (IOC’s), contractors, service companies, investors, private equity funds and other clients in a broad range of projects and transactions related to Mexico’s energy, oil and gas and power sectors.

Our experience includes participating in the leading and most complex regulatory strategy, M&A, joint ventures, project finance and infrastructure projects and in all kinds of international public bids in the areas of pipelines, terminals, petrochemicals, distribution of refined products, natural gas and liquified petroleum gas, transportation and storage, LNG facilities, power generation, IPPs, solar, cogeneration, EPC’s and PPP’s.

Our firm also continues to strengthen our institutional relationships with officers of the renewed State Productive Enterprises and officials from the newly empowered regulatory agencies.Therefore, we are in a privileged position to accompany and advise potential new players in the Mexican market. 


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