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Esguerra Asesores Juridicos has a vast experience in dispute resolution, representing both plaintiffs and defendants in numerous cases before national courts, as well as national and international arbitral tribunals. Its experience includes litigation before the International Chamber of Commerce, Bogota Chamber of Commerce, and Inter-American Commercial Arbitration Commission, as well as ordinary judges and tribunals in Colombia’s different jurisdictions.

The dispute resolution team’s history goes back to over thirty years, even before the four partners joined together in Esguerra. In the 90s, Mr. Esguerra and Mr. Piquero together successfully defended the Colombian State in the over 700 lawsuits that claimed its responsibility for the damages caused by the Armero earthquake. During that time, and before the merger with Mr Esguerra and Mr Piquero, Mr Miranda and Mr Jaramillo lead an unparalleled antitrust practice since which they have successfully represented the most important antitrust litigations in Colombia.

The firm has developed a special working method to gain maximum leverage of every partner’s area of expertise combined with a litigation strategy designed for every particular case. In order to prepare the litigation strategy, our team takes several aspects into consideration, including the economic sector and applicable regulation. Furthermore, we accomplish a thorough risk analysis of the particular dispute and set mitigation measures. 


Cadena, Andrés

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