Provided by Divjak Topić Bahtijarević & Krka

DTB’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution practice group acts in high-value regulatory issues, litigation, arbitration, and mediation cases. The team regularly represents leading domestic and international companies in their most important, high-profile commercial disputes. The group serves both as a seamless support to DTB anchor clients and attractive asset of the law firm in terms of constant client gains. 

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolition Team uses a different approach for each dispute and thoroughly examines the circumstances of the situation, always reconsidering the possibility of finding an amicable solution through negotiations. While intensively collaborating with the client, we aim not only to find a solution to a specific legal problem, but also to make the further course of the procedure and the client’s possibilities and obligations as clear as possible to the client.

In addition, DTB's litigation cases are always handled by an experienced litigation lawyer and an expert from the practice group relevant to the dispute (e.g. IP, real estate, competition etc. experts).