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UK-wide Transport: Rail
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Global demand for rail investment continues to grow. Governments around the world increasingly recognize the economic, social and environmental benefits that railways can bring. High-speed passenger systems help to promote modal shift, contribute to the development of low carbon economies and foster economic regeneration at regional and national levels. Enhancements to conventional passenger systems also play their part. Metros and light rail schemes improve the delivery of urban public transport and alleviate congestion. Freight railways provide greener, more sustainable ways to transport goods and can support economic development in emerging markets that are rich in natural resources.

This exciting, dynamic sector creates challenges as well as opportunities for buyers and suppliers alike. What kind of legal and regulatory environment attracts private sector participation and funding? How is the public interest protected? What are the risks and where and how should they be allocated? These are some of the many issues facing the rail industry globally. Dentons has been at the heart of the rail industry for decades. Our team includes recognized leaders in the field and people drawn from the industry or seconded to it. Our areas of focus include; concessions and franchising, rolling stock and financing, regulation, rail freight and logistics, rail operations and transportation infrastructure and PPP.

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Transport: Rail

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