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We are the only regional firm that has dedicated Litigation and Arbitration departments in all five countries of the Central American region. Our team of 25 litigators has over 20 years of solid experience in Litigation and Arbitration, ensuring unparalleled representation of the case.

Our Litigation and Arbitration team aims to provide strategic advice for the resolution of disputes in all areas of law, including technical support in direct settlements, conciliation, mediation, and technical dispute resolution panels.

The litigation and arbitration team has the most experienced attorneys in El Salvador which are specialized in handling the most complex trials and has successfully represented some of the most important leading companies on judicial grounds, in diverse lawsuits. This practice specializes in different areas such as litigation, civil and commercial, administrative, constitutional and labor, in order to provide the best advice to their clients in each of the represented cases such as the termination of agency contracts, representation and distribution processes leading to successful judicial and arrangements by alternative methods conflict resolution.

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El Salvador

Dispute Resolution

César Ramos
César Ramos
Head of Dispute Resolution
Band 2


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César Ramos

César Ramos

Head of Department

Diego Rivera


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Agroindustrias El Cuscatleco, S.A. de C.V.

Ecosólidos, S.A. de C.V.

Gestionadora de Créditos, S.A.

Kali, S.E.M.

Promérica, S.A.