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Cescon  Barrieu's experience includes not only counselling highly complex and strategical disputes but also technical advisement throughout the management of the crisis caused by the conflict. The team acts on administrative and judicial proceedings and counsel the clients based on the best strategies and potential outcomes in future disputes.

The department has teams specialized in litigation related to (i) Corporate Litigation, (ii) Civil Liability, Commercial Agreements and Consumer Law, (iii) Administrative and Environmental Law and (iv) Judicial and Extrajudicial Reorganization, Liquidation and Credit Recovery.

The team of Corporate Litigation acts in judicial and arbitration proceedings related to mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganization, dissolution of companies, removal of shareholders, challenge of resolutions of shareholders’ meetings, enforcement of put and call options, liability of managers, among others.

Regarding Debt Restructuring, the department has been acting on behalf of creditors and investors in renegotiating debts and on judicial reorganization proceedings, in addition to asset negotiations involving companies going through financial crisis.

Cescon Barrieu also represents clients in international and domestic arbitrations. The team has handled several landmark corporate arbitration cases and some of the most complex arbitrations in construction, infrastructure, M&A, technology and other corporate matters.


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