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Our team has an active and diversified insolvency & restructurings practice, including: work-outs, restructurings (in-court & out-of-court), concurso procedures, reorganizations, cross-border insolvency procedures and bankruptcy.

Cervantes Sainz provides prompt, responsive, creative and expert insolvency & restructuring representation, including advising clients, domestic and international, in the transactional, legal and procedural aspects of insolvency & bankruptcy matters. 

We view litigation as a business strategy and as an investment decision for our clients, acknowledging that they are not in the “litigation business” and that it is in our clients’ interests for us to promptly and vigilantly explore every alternative avenue for dispute resolution.  We believe in aggressive strategies and management case when appropriate. Our litigation practice has the intellectual depth and creativity to resolve successfully any type of legal dispute arising in Mexico, including domestic and cross-border insolvency and bankruptcy matters and litigation.

We have proven efficiency in a wide range of complex and critical restructuring & insolvency matters involving issues of unsecured creditors, secured creditors, derivatives, bonds, notes, commercial paper, domestic and foreign claims.


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