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CARLES CUESTA Abogados has a broad experience in providing legal advice to debtors under financial distress, their creditors, insolvency practitioners and any other stakeholders affected by insolvency (shareholders, workforce, directors). Specifically, our team assists in defining a global strategy towards:

  • Business recovery & survival of the debtor
  • Maximization of the recovery for the creditors

Our lawyers have accompanied major Spanish clients as well as multinational groups since the world financial crisis of 2008 and are nowadays helping Spanish companies recover from the economic crisis created by COVID-19. 

Our expertise in Insolvency & Restructuring Law includes:

  • Cross-border restructurings and insolvencies
  • Group restructurings
  • Creditor-forced insolvency petitions (concurso necesario). CARLES CUESTA is the only firm to have successfully forced a company in the Abengoa group into insolvency, on behalf of a French creditor client
  • Advice in preinsolvency (preconcurso): moratorium (5bis), refinancing agreements (acuerdos de refinanciación), Court-approval (homologación) 
  • Insolvency & bankruptcy: formal proceedings (concurso de acreedores), arrangements with creditors (convenio)
  • Digital assets under insolvency
  • Sales of productive units, prepack sales, distressed debt, acquisitions of NPL portfolios
  • Insolvency-related litigation and defence in liability of directors proceedings (pieza de calificación)


Carles, José (Head of Department)

Cuesta, Carlos (Head of Department)

De Lucas, Pablo

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Martínez, Pablo

Reus, Beatriz

Rodríguez, Daniel

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