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Ramón y Cajal is an experienced advisor to all the parties affected when a company is in financial distress.  Among other areas, we work regularly on group restructurings, debt refinancing, creditors’ rights, and board liability issues. The practice is differentiated in two areas:

Restructuring: our restructuring team represents banks and lenders as creditors in restructurings, as well as the company debtors in bankruptcies. It is a busy area for the practice; we handle approximately 15 of these engagements per year.

Insolvency: our Insolvency team has extensive experience in providing legal advice to all parties affected by an economic crisis within a corporation. We work in the main sectors of the economy, and the professionals forming the team are deeply aware of the business issues affecting every matter.  In this sense, both the Finance Department and the Tax and Procedural Law Department provide added value to the division by supplying it with all the skills necessary to deal with a corporate crisis. This team works in group restructuring, debt refinancing, representation and defence of creditors, advising on the liability of directors by actively participating in the classification phase and providing counsel on acquisitions of business units within insolvency proceedings. The most relevant aspects of our expertise in the area of insolvency law include:

  • Advice to a company in crisis
  • Advice to creditors affected by the insolvency of a third party company

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Ramón Fernández-Aceytuno
Ramón Fernández-Aceytuno
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