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Our Commercial and Real Estate Litigation practice group provides a full range of litigation and dispute resolution services to our clients. We have extensive experience in negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, and litigation in federal and state courts and before administrative agencies.  Our group is an interdisciplinary one, drawing on its member attorneys with expertise in litigation, real estate law, administrative law, bankruptcy, tax and appellate practice. We work closely with accountants, appraisers, archeologists, historians, cultural, land use, and zoning consultants, economists, financial consultants, and valuation experts, and experts in relevant disciplines to provide quality services to the clients of the firm.


Akagi, Trisha H S T

Barbata, Dana

Chipchase, Calvert

Chong Kee, Dennis W

Cioffi, Frank

Duchemin, John P

Goodin, Christopher T

Hamaguchi, Ryan M

Heihre, C. Michael

Jones, Amanda M.

LaPorte, Kelly

LaPorte, Kelly G

Leas, Philip J

Lee, Allison Mizuo

McHenry, Patricia J

Miwa, Colin O

Osterkamp, Jeffrey M

Portnoy, Jeffrey

Schulmeister, David

Shigemura, Kristin S

Shultz, W Keoni

Strance, Elizabeth A

Suehiro, Megan A

Vitousek III, Roy A

Yamada, Keith Y

Yasunaga, Milton M

Yip, Elijah

Young, Theodore D C







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Land Use

Valuation Experts

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