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BMAJ has a strong record of working hand in hand with clients in the planning, development, construction and operation of their projects in Chile, or working with project participants in the development in third party projects. 

Such projects include major mining projects, power generation facilities, ports, airports and major real estate developments, among others. 

Our projects team is multi-disciplinary and draws from our natural resources, corporate, finance, regulatory, labor, tax and litigation areas; such that each aspect of a project is granted the proper applicable counsel and all coordinated between the group members.


Álvarez, Alejandro (Head of Department)

Mir, Pablo (Head of Department)

Zimerman, Rony (Head of Department)

Alarcón, Andrea

Allende, Felipe

Bofill, Octavio

De La Jara, Guillermo

Franetovic, Cristián

Palma, Francisco

Pérez, Joaquín

Recart, Joaquín

Saffirio, Rodrigo

Salazar, Victoria

Sánchez, Manuel

Velasco, José Antonio

Yuri, Ana María


Construction & Materials


Gas distribution

Mining & Metals

Real Estate