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How We Stand Out

  • The strongest maritime legal team in Houston, the most important shipping and energy law market outside of New York. We offer clients hands-on, “boutique” service, backed by the resources of the largest and best maritime law firm in the United States – an ideal scenario for nationwide, major engagements.

  • Houston is a key part of Blank Rome’s renowned national shipping practice, strong on both the Gulf and East Coasts, and with West Coast capability. Our strong regulatory practice, mostly in Washington, D.C., also complements us in Houston, and gives us a considerable advantage over other firms. We offer unmatched shipping knowledge among U.S.-based law firms.

  • Premier litigation team – we’re not just the largest shipping practice in the United States; we believe we have the best shipping litigators in the market. We consistently attract the most complex shipping disputes, have more experience in maritime arbitration than any other U.S. firm, and are the first port of call for any shipping clients facing catastrophic events.

  • Our dedicated “Maritime Emergency Response Team” is on call around the clock to respond to pollution-related incidents and vessel casualties. At a moment’s notice, a member of our team will fly to the site of incident, and manage the potential civil and criminal consequences involved.

  • We also handle commercial agreements, transactions, and insurance for shipping companies.