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  • Our maritime litigators handle all kinds of shipping disputes -- including arbitration -- all around the world, including for owners, operators, shipyards, charterers, cargo interests, P&I clubs, commercial and investment banks, and private equity funds
  • We have vast experience in defending companies and individuals subject to environmental investigations of casualty events or alleged intentional misconduct – many with criminal elements, and involving potential violations of the Clean Water Act and/or the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL)​
  • Our “Maritime Emergency Response Team” is on call around the clock to respond to pollution-related incidents and vessel casualties. At a moment’s notice, a member of our team will fly to the incident site, and manage potential civil and criminal consequences
  • We’re one of few firms advising the maritime industry on the threats of cyber-attacks, how best to protect against breaches, and assisting clients with cyber-audits and investigations
  • New York is the largest part of our shipping litigation practice – the largest such practice in the United States, with a strong presence on the East and Gulf Coasts and in Los Angeles
  • Our complementary shipping finance practice has worked on several groundbreaking maritime Chapter 11 and 15 cases
  • Our strong, complementary shipping regulatory practice in Washington, D.C. also gives us a considerable advantage over other firms