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Bench Walk comprises a multi-award winning team of litigators, insurance and finance professionals.

In just over 5 years Bench Walk has committed $534+ globally across more than 150 commercial cases and portfolios, including a wide range of high profile and groundbreaking litigation in the UK, Australia, the US and continental Europe.

Bench Walk is highly regarded for its fast decision-making, absence of bureaucracy, direct access for clients to decision-makers and its ability to structure financial solutions where most competitors struggle. Bench Walk understands that each case and each investment is unique and the team is unafraid to make decisions promptly, with a sharp focus on making transactions work for clients. 


■ Single Case Investment

■ Law Firm Portfolio

■ Investment Law Firm

■ Law Firm Financing

The above list is not intended to be exhaustive and Bench Walk is happy to assess a diverse range of opportunities.

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