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Europe Guide 2023
Denmark Dispute Resolution
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Our extensive experience with dispute resolution ensures you the best advisory services
We help clients resolve disputes as quickly and cost efficiently as possible – and prevent them from arising and growing.

Bech-Bruun's dispute resolution team includes some of Denmark's leading experts with extensive experience in arguing cases before all instances in the Danish court system, arbitration tribunals and administrative appeals bodies. In addition to this we have long-standing experience and good results from alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and court-based mediation, where we assist in reaching settlements with which both parties are satisfied.

We also assist on:

  • Choice of law and jurisdiction clauses in international contracts​
  • Dispute resolution models
  • Litigation risk assessment
  • Enforcement of decisions made in and outside Denmark
  • Settlement considerations

Our goal is to ensure that the contracts include customised dispute resolution models that reduce the risk of deadlock in the event of a dispute.
Bech-Bruun maintains a strong international network of leading litigation experts, allowing us to offer you the best advisory services, regardless of the country in which your case is being heard.

When relevant, we cooperate closely with lawyers within other areas of expertise such as Shipping & Logistics, Insurance, Energy & Supply, Real Estate & Construction, Labour and Employment Law.

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Dispute Resolution

Søren Lundsgaard
Søren Lundsgaard
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Anne Buhl Bjelke
Anne Buhl Bjelke
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Provided by Bech-Bruun