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Few areas of law change as quickly as Employment Law. And we’re not just talking about the introduction of the new Dutch Work and Security Act (Wet Werk en Zekerheid). What, for instance, are your thoughts on the increasingly international employment market and the rising demand for flexible employment relationships? How are you coping with these challenges? You can count on us.​

The Employment & Pensions practice group has lawyers with in-depth specialist expertise in employment law to guarantee the very best quality and to meet the increasing demand for specialist knowledge and experience. 

Our expertise 

AKD's employment lawyers can deploy their extensive procedural skills to make sure that their specialist areas hit the mark effectively and efficiently. As well as their far-reaching substantive expertise in employment law, the procedural aspects of employment law represent a significant specialist area for the practice group. 

Pension Law

Pension law also falls within the expertise of the Employment & Pensions practice group, so you can consult our specialists for any matters in this specific area as well.


Huys, Pieter (Head of Department)

Bergwerf, Vincent

Bos, Suzanne

Defaix, François

Folmer, Fleur

Heunen, Alain

Janssen, Jadeena

Kehrer-Bot, Christine

Klinckhamers, Paul

Leijten, Geertje

Schunselaar, Joost

van de Laar, Henrike

Van den Krommenacker, Eva

Van der Stap, Ronald

Van der Voet, Gerdien

Van Mens, Hans

Van Schaik, Pascal

Van Winden-Spaans, Mariëlle

Van Zelst, Daphne