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The team at Abreu Advogados dealing with maritime and transportation law provides a broad range of legal services:

  • Ship-building contracts, contracts of purchase and sale, financing for the construction and acquisition of ships, mortgages, vessel registration, including registration in the "MAR" (International Ship Registry of Madeira)
  • Vessel use, charter parties, and commercial contracts related to maritime transport and maritime labour law

  • Maritime litigation, including the seizure of ships, coercive collection of maritime claims, collision, liability, and national and international arbitration

  • Recreational navigation (including construction, acquisition, classification and registration, as well as subsequent events) and maritime tourism

  • Contracts relating to commercial aviation, including dry and wet leasing of aircraft, air passenger transportation and air freight, events and accidents, liability, as well as national and international litigation

  • Contracts relating to the ownership of private aircraft, including fractional ownership agreements, regulatory issues and registrations

  • National and international transport of goods by road (CMR Convention), including the transport of dangerous goods (ADR Agreement).