6KBW College Hill

Crime Department

London (Bar)
Current View:

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An outstanding set which boasts an array of leading barristers. It garners respect for its prosecution and defence of a variety of high-profile crime matters including those relating to murder, terrorism and sexual offences, and has members who frequently tackle cases before the Magistrates' Court, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. One recent example of the set’s work was its instruction by the Crown Prosecution Service to advise on whether any police officers should be charged in relation to the alleged cover-up by South Yorkshire police following the Hillsborough disaster. One interviewee noted: “6KBW deserves full recognition for its commitment to justice for all in what is now a very difficult climate.”

Client service: “6KBW College Hill is a particularly well-managed set; the senior clerk Andrew Barnes is a pleasure to work with.” Barnes is ably assisted by deputy senior clerk Mark Essex.

Aftab Jafferjee QC
An excellent prosecutor who undertakes all manner of serious criminal matters. He is praised by interviewees as a “class act” and has been lauded by for the expert defence he provides in high-profile cases.
Strengths: “Quite devastating as a defence advocate, and also a top-drawer prosecutor.”

David Perry QC
A high-profile advocate who is particularly renowned for having been instructed in the most significant appeals of recent times. He has been described as "one of the legends" at the Criminal Bar. He is highly experienced in acting for both the prosecution and the defence, and undertakes only the most challenging and complex criminal matters, both domestically and internationally. 
Strengths: “Excellent on the law, easy to work with and someone with a very practical approach.” “Extremely bright and strategically superb, he looks at the bigger picture, is always two steps ahead and brings real value to the table.” Recent work: Instructed on behalf of Pravinder Kumar Jugnauth, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Mauritius, in relation to allegations of corruption.

Duncan Atkinson QC
Senior Treasury Counsel and a well-regarded silk for his prosecution of the most serious and complex criminal matters. He frequently handles high-profile murder, manslaughter and terrorism-related cases. Interviewees praise him for his subtlety and charm.
Strengths: “Quietly devastating in cross-examinations.” “Decent, kind and effective.”
Recent work: Prosecuted Joseph Travers, a prison officer accused of leaving a suicidal inmate with a noose in his cell at HMP Woodhill.

Duncan Penny QC
First Senior Treasury Counsel, extremely experienced in the prosecution of high-profile murders. Interviewees praise him for his intellect and depth of legal skill.
Strengths: “Penny is a very passionate lawyer and an excellent advocate who is strong technically.” “He delivers first-class advocacy with precision, canniness and flexibility.”
Recent work: Represented one of the senior Deutsche Bank managers charged with manipulating the Euribor interest rate. He represented the only defendant to be acquitted by the jury.

John Ryder QC
A well-regarded silk who specialises in defending the most complex and serious cases from violent crime to substantial fraud. He is also well known for his depth of experience in handling international criminal matters, particularly those in the Cayman Islands. Interviewees have noted that he is "a master advocate.”
Strengths: “Very popular with the jury - he lights up the courtroom.” “His abilities are second to none. He’s an advocate who's excellent at every element of the role.”
Recent work: Instructed to represent David Worrall in a murder/manslaughter case which involved the death of four children.

Sarah Whitehouse QC
Well-regarded Senior Treasury Counsel, who regularly prosecutes as well as defends many high-profile and sensitive criminal matters. She has extensive experience of handling complex murder, terrorism and appeals cases. Whitehouse is described by sources as an “inspiration” who is “so good she doesn’t need bigging up."
Strengths: “An excellent advocate who is very confident and extremely eloquent.”
Recent work: Instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service to advise on whether any police officers should be charged in relation to the alleged cover-up by South Yorkshire police following the Hillsborough disaster, as well as to the the alleged perversion of the course of justice by the West Midlands Police who were instructed to investigate South Yorkshire.

Sasha Wass QC
A renowned advocate instructed in many of the most high-profile cases of recent years, including those of Rosemary West and Rolf Harris. She is particularly au fait with briefs involving murder and sexual offences. Wass frequently handles cases involving indecent assault and historic sexual assault allegations. Sources highlight her “lovely” manner and hard-working approach to cases.
Strengths: “Has a lovely manner, works hard and gets back to you immediately.” “Clients love her and she has good judgement in court.”
Recent work: Defended convicted paedophile and murderer Peter Pickering against historic charges of rape and false imprisonment.

Simon Denison QC
A fantastic barrister and former Treasury Counsel who possesses in-depth knowledge of all areas of serious and complex crime, and has a particularly impressive understanding of challenging homicide and attempted murder briefs. He frequently prosecutes complex multi-handed murders, and also has experience in gang-related crime and drug cases.
Strengths: "Low key in his approach but supremely effective."
Recent work: Prosecuted in Dixon, Sayers, Sturman and McDougall, a murder trial.

Simon Ray
A junior who has regularly undertaken high-profile cases across the full spectrum of serious crime, and who has recently been handling serious historic sexual assault allegations. He is also highly experienced in assisting City clients with criminal advice.
Strengths: “Very assured and hugely experienced.”
Recent work: Defended Chris Tarrant, who had been accused of drink driving.