4 Pump Court

Energy & Natural Resources Department

London (Bar)
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4 Pump Court is an esteemed commercial construction set with a plethora of experience in energy sector construction, engineering, shipping and technology disputes. Its international client roster includes shipyards, contractors, insurers and reinsurers, in addition to leading energy companies. Although offering a breadth of experience across various energy sectors, 4 Pump Court garners particular acclaim for its standout work in relation to oil and gas projects, including onshore and offshore oil fields, pipelines and LNG plants. A client remarks: "My experience of 4 Pump Court has been nothing but positive. All the barristers I've instructed have been personable, knowledgeable and always user-friendly."

Client service: "My experience of the clerking service is that it has been exceptional. Whether making initial enquiries for a suitable barrister, attending chambers for a conference or arranging conference calls with counsel, the service has been responsive and professional. In particular, Billy Griffiths, senior practice manager, and Lucy Burrows, deputy senior clerk, have been superb." "I've always found the clerking team to be responsive and proactive in terms of fixing dates and communicating with the court." Carl Wall and Stewart Gibbs are the senior clerks.

James Leabeater QC

Has a loyal following among solicitors, who see him as a tried and tested resource for big-ticket cases. He has well-rounded energy expertise stemming from his construction, shipping and insurance experience, and he deals with disputes concerning both the engineering and operation of onshore and offshore drilling and transportation facilities. Leabeater frequently appears in arbitrations both domestically and internationally, including those in Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Strengths: "His style is effective and appeals to judges." "A quality silk." "He's on the up - one to watch."

Nicholas Vineall QC

Has a reputation for being able to handle some of the most technically challenging cases, especially on the construction and engineering side of the market. He has been involved in numerous upstream issues including those relating to the construction and operation of offshore facilities. Vineall is active in both traditional litigation and large-scale international arbitrations. He is widely praised for the breadth of his practice, and handles a broad range of commercial energy disputes.
Strengths: He provides sound legal and commercial advice."

Nigel Tozzi QC

Has a broad practice that takes in energy and construction matters. His particular expertise lies in the midstream oil market, and he has handled a variety of cases pertaining to the supply and transportation of raw materials. Cases concerning shipping and pipeline infrastructure are a particular specialism of his. He supplements his litigation practice with frequent appearances as an arbitrator.
Strengths: "Very well prepared, measured and has an impressive practice."

Rachel Ansell QC

Leading construction silk with an increasingly solid reputation in the energy sphere, who is known for her involvement in large infrastructure disputes in this market. Her work centres on defects and damages claims relating to projects ranging from wind farms to oil facilities. She has a strong Middle Eastern practice and regularly advises clients on disputes in the region.
Strengths: "She's a very good advocate, very thorough and knows the details."

Sean Brannigan QC

A pre-eminent member of the Construction Bar who carries his expertise into the field of energy law, allowing him to handle energy infrastructure disputes of considerable magnitude. He is consistently highlighted by market sources for his good client manner and no-nonsense attitude, and is frequently involved in litigation involving overseas clients. The lion's share of his client base is composed of contractors active in the construction of large-scale facilities in sectors ranging from oil exploration to wind energy.
Strengths: "The gold standard of advocacy." "A real client-pleaser, giving clear and concise strategic advice when it is most needed. He is arguably at his best when cross-examining experts."

Sean O'Sullivan QC

A widely acclaimed, technically and commercially sound advocate with great knowledge of the energy industry. Particularly well known for his expertise in the marine engineering sphere, he specialises in drilling, shipping and offshore issues and has particular experience of representing contractors. He has a strong arbitration practice but is equally adept at handling straight commercial litigation.
Strengths: "He's experienced, responsive and intelligent."

Stephen Cogley QC

Noted as a creative advocate with a strong background in shipping, he increasingly channels his breadth of expertise into substantial cases in the upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas sectors.
Strengths: "His cross-examination is just superb and he has an incredible ability to unpick the other side."
Recent work: Acted for Toucan Energy in a dispute with Wirsol and Wircon surrounding the UK's largest portfolio of solar energy generating stations.

Thomas Crangle

A respected construction barrister with a growing reputation in the energy and utilities sector. He has acted for a number of major players in contractual disputes relating to the construction of power plants at home and abroad, including energy from waste, gas turbine and lignite-fired plants. Crangle is also an expert in cases relating to offshore energy facilities and regularly handles oil and gas disputes.
Strengths: "Very good at unpacking information, efficient and easy to get along with." "Very friendly and down-to-earth."