2 Temple Gardens

Property Damage Department

London (Bar)
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2 Temple Gardens possesses an unrivalled bench of silks and juniors with impressive breadth of expertise spanning a range of property damage disputes. Members of the set are regularly sought after to handle complex coverage and liability issues arising from major floods, fires and construction projects. They boast further expertise in subsidence matters arising from tree roots and shrubs. Sources note that the set is "significantly better than the majority of its competitors due to the quality of advice, advocacy and assistance provided by counsel, as well as the professional clerking service."

Client service: "They are efficient and courteous. They're just everything you want from a clerking team." "They are very friendly, responsive and proactive, and come back to you in a timely manner." Lee Tyler is the senior clerk.

Andrew Miller QC

Has a strong practice and regularly defends against high-value claims for fire and flood damage to luxury residential properties and hotels. He also handles substantial property damage disputes arising out of construction and engineering projects. Miller is highly regarded for his role as a mediator in such disputes.
Strengths: "He is someone I would trust with my life as an advocate. He has a really good manner with clients and is really good at looking at the realities of a case."
Recent work: Represented Travelers Insurance in a claim arising out of the mechanical failure of and resulting damage to a large industrial printing press.

Charles Dougherty QC

Well-regarded commercial practitioner who has demonstrated an ability to advocate in challenging property damage cases. He is deeply experienced in high-value claims arising out of flooding, fires and explosions.
Strengths: "He's very fast, astute and commercial." "He is excellent and very impressive. He can handle difficult instructions and provides comprehensive advice on complex legal questions."
Recent work: Continued to act for the manufacturer of steel carcassing in defence of a claim that defective carcassing caused significant damage to subsea piping, resulting in contamination and damage.

Daniel Crowley

A well-established junior in the property damage market, who bolsters his capability in the area with strong knowledge of the Defective Premises Act. He is highly regarded for his strength when it comes to handling tree root subsidence claims, and further offers experience in fire and flood-related damage cases. His practice also extends to professional negligence, insurance and product liability matters.
Strengths: "He has excellent attention to detail at all times, which assists with the preparation of cases for trial and gives the client the best prospects of success." "He's efficient and economical in what he does, and doesn't waste words in getting to the point."
Recent work: Acted for Morrisons in a multimillion-pound claim arising from the construction of an abattoir in Colne, Lancashire.

David Thomas QC

Possesses expertise spanning a broad array of property damage cases, including major fire and flood matters. He is further noted for his experience in tree root subsidence cases.
Strengths: "He's a very bright and practical team player. His diligence and ability to get on with tasks is impressive." "He has a very good attention to detail."
Recent work: Represented the designer and commissioner of the smoke extraction system installed in Grenfell Tower.

Doré Green

A highly respected senior junior who has a deep understanding of complex insurance and property damage issues. He specialises in construction-related cases while also handling a wide range of fire and flood claims. Green is also skilled in handling landslip and subsidence disputes.
Strengths: "His knowledge, expertise and organisational skills are excellent, especially in cases involving material damage." "He's collaborative and able to work through things together with the other side."
Recent work: Continued to act for a lead contractor in the defence of a high-value multiparty claim related to alleged extensive defects in a luxury development in north London.

Howard Palmer QC

Experienced in a broad range of property damage work, ranging from complex construction disputes through to subsidence and flood claims. He is known for his ability to handle cases with highly technical aspects, such as those involving medical or engineering issues. He further has considerable expertise in cases arising from tree root damage.
Strengths: "A very accomplished advocate."

Jack Harris

Possesses enviable expertise in cases arising from subsidence and damage related to tree roots and shrubs, as part of a broader property damage practice. He has further experience handling complex fire cases.
Strengths: "His technical expertise in the area is terrific and he's also able to make things understandable. He's an excellent, really user-friendly young chap." "He's very strategic in the way he combats things, and his advice is straight to the point."
Recent work: Acted for Leeds City Council a complex case arising from tree roots subsidence to a domestic house. The case involved complex expert evidence from structural engineers on causation and soil analysis.

Lucas Fear-Segal

Frequently instructed on complex property damage cases, with experience across disputes arising from fires, floods and contamination. He has a further specialism in damage to artworks, cultural property and other luxury assets.

Strengths: "He provides very strategic, cost-effective advice and can draft pleadings on the technical aspects of a claim." "He is an astute and industrious lawyer with a keen eye for detail."
Recent work: Acted for the first defendant in a case arising from alleged damage by the installation of cavity wall insulation.

Neil Moody QC

Remains leader of the property damage group. He displays complementary strengths in areas such as insurance, professional negligence and product liability. His practice is particularly focused on disputes arising out of construction and utilities projects. He further offers expertise in cases concerning damage related to floods and fires.
Strengths: "His manner with clients is fantastic, and he's lovely, diplomatic and sharp in dealing with difficult people in such a way that they don't realise they are being talked round to his point of view." "He keeps his cool and remains unflappable throughout."
Recent work: Acted for the developer of a large residential complex in an action brought by the freeholder and 54 leaseholders in respect of the allegedly inadequate construction of the soil vent pipe system at the block.

Robert Moxon Browne QC

A widely respected property damage silk who is incredibly experienced in the sector. He is especially well known for his expertise in handling catastrophic fire cases, particularly those relating to the failure of fire suppression devices, and is also adept at handling matters arising from flood damage.
Strengths: "He's very enjoyable to work with. He is immensely clever and spots points which others have not seen or thought about. I have great confidence in his judgement." "An accomplished performer."
Recent work: Acted in a case concerning the virtual destruction by fire of a historic boys’ boarding house forming part of the estate of Bishop’s Stortford College in Essex.

Sonia Nolten

Possesses deep experience in insurance and property damage, which she brings to bear on a wide range of claims, including those concerning fire and water damage to residential and commercial property. She is also an expert on construction disputes and is known for her ability when handling complex liability issues.
Strengths: "She's a very pragmatic, sensible and practical barrister. She can have discussions with the other side to reach beneficial outcomes for her clients." "She is an exceptionally knowledgeable lawyer with regards to property damage cases. Working with Sonia is always a good experience, as she provides clear, succinct advice, drafts good-quality documents and comes across very well in court."
Recent work: Acted on a large fire case to commercial premises in London, caused by a short circuit in an air conditioning unit. The fire caused significant damage to the premises and also to a priceless collection of tea-related antiques stored in the basement.

Timothy Killen

Exhibits expertise in fire and flood disputes, and is particularly good at construction-related matters. He is known for the strong technical knowledge he brings to cases. Recently he has acted in a number of cases before the TCC.
Strengths: "He is brilliant, especially on defended liability and subrogated recovery. Clients really like him; he's incredibly bright and will give you ten different authorities on things." "He's developed an impressive profile for someone of his call."
Recent work: Acted for the claimant in a £10 million claim arising out of a major fire at a Boots store in Warrington.