Despite providing work remotely, the economic dependence and legal subordination of the employment relationship is fully recognized. The right to compensation by the  Social Security Fund is recognized for work-related accidents, as are all rights and obligations established in the Labor Code. The new Law modifies the Labor Code to allow salaries to be paid by bank wire transfer, provided that the worker can open or use his own account, and there is availability of a nearby ATM.

Teleworking may be partial, when the worker is at least one day a week in the employer's premises, or complete, when the worker is always in a place other than the employer's premises. It also establishes a special regime for emergency work, called "On Duty", with payments made in accordance to the surcharges established by the Labor Code.

The creation of this law promotes the development of work through information and communications technologies (ICT), allowing the use of resources, tools, equipment, software, applications, networks and media that permit the compilation of processing and transmission of information such as voice, data, video text and images.