Sale of site to Grupo Inmobiliario Santafe

1.      Deal Description

Guerrero Olivos represented a relevant local client from the agribusiness market (CONFIDENTIAL) in a USD3.6 million sale of a site to Grupo Inmobiliario Santafe, a well-known local real estate company, to develop a residential real estate project in Santiago. Our real estate team was in charge of the whole transaction including the regularization of land titles and in the negotiation and execution of the sale of the site.

2.      Counsel list

Counsel to confidential client: Guerrero Olivos

Partner: Martín Santa María

Associates Tomás Rosemary and Benjamín Sims

Counsel Grupo Inmobiliario Santafe: in-house counsel Christian Dighero

3.      Date of closing


4.      Deal Value

USD3.6 million

5.      Jurisdictions involved