​This is the first syndicated 10-year loan obtained by LAMSAC after been acquired by the French company Vinci Highways S.A.S ("Vinci Highways"). This loan was obtained in order to finance the completion of construction works of the "Via Expresa Linea Amarilla" that is a transport project which goal is to benefit the Lima population by decreasing the traffic density and enhancing the vehicular transit within the Callao region and the east and south area of the city of Lima. This is for sure recognition to Vinci Highways management of LAMSAC business and its long-term plans in the Peruvian market. Citibank del Perú who acted as Administrative Agent, Common Security Sub-Agent and Cash Flow Trust Trustee; and Citibank N.A., who acted as Common Security Agent and Indenture Trustee.

Value: US$ 65 000 000 Apporx.