Karol is an extremely experienced lawyer who is familiar with inner workings of Poland’s most affluent financial institutions and financial supervision authorities, so SSW is delighted to further develop its financial institutions practice.

Most recently he held the position of Managing Director of the Legal and Regulatory Division at the Office of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF). In that role he had an overall supervision over the KNF’s Legal Department, Market Regulations Department as well as the Compliance Department, which included implementing a new structure, processes and procedure, also with regards to AML inspections and proceedings.

Karol, for several years, worked for the Nationale-Nederlanden Group, where he was responsible for legal, risk management and compliance matters. During that time, he held the positions of the Director of the Legal Department, the Director of Legal and Risk Management, and the Chief Compliance Officer.

He will develop our financial institutions and insurance practices.

Wojciech Szczepaniak, Chairman and Partner at SSW Pragmatic Solutions, says:

"Karol brings extremely important competences to our organization. On the one hand, he is extremely well versed in the financial industry and, on the other hand, he is fluent in supervisory and compliance issues. His comprehensive knowledge of regulatory aspects in the financial sector will be a boost of energy for SSW’s financial and insurance institutions practice, which Karol will lead."