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Welcome to Chambers Brazil

Head of Brazil Research Luís Bulcão Pinheiro pens a welcome and introduction to the inaugural Chambers Brazil guide.

Published on 12 April 2021
Written by Luís Bulcão Pinheiro
Luís Bulcão Pinheiro

Our letter: An introduction to Chambers Brazil

First of all, our deepest thoughts are with those hit by Covid. On a global scale, everyone has been affected, but in Brazil the pandemic has struck particularly hard. We have been following the latest news with heavy hearts and hopes that the situation will improve soon. We are fortunate to be able to keep going from the safety of our homes, even with all the level of adaptation that it takes, so our mission is to make sure the wheels are still spinning.  

To open this newsletter, we can't help sharing our great sense of accomplishment and gratitude for the launch of our very first guide totally dedicated to the biggest economy in Latin America. Our first edition highlights the work of 208 different teams in 11 practice areas. There is a total of 455 lawyers and 113 law firms ranked. And this, as you know, is just the beginning.   

How we created the most in depth legal analysis of the Brazil legal market

Chambers Brazil required a great deal of planning, unshakable commitment and a lot of hard work. But we just managed to deliver it because of you, both the users of high-end legal services, who contribute with valuable feedback and consult our guides to select the most suitable counsel, and those among the very best practitioners and their firms, who rely on our publication to inform their strategies. Your participation is crucial to make sure we keep producing the most authoritative guide to the legal profession in Brazil. It is remarkable that even in a time of unprecedented challenges, we received more submissions than ever and were able to get in touch with more market sources than ever. This is humbling and deserves no less than our deepest gratitude.  

But research remains in full gear. Our section focusing on Industries and Sectors will be published in June, together with renewed regional-focused rankings. Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina will have their own ranking tables, which will be no longer organised by regions. This will allow us to have a better focus on those markets, understand their dynamics and highlight the best of the best. This is what we do, after all. We are also launching a new ranking table for Campinas & Surrounds. This will cover the state of São Paulo except the capital and will allow us to provide more insights to clients on law firms operating in this very important economic hub.   

Chambers Brazil Transactional Section Rankings

Our Transactional section will be published in October. That is when our Brazil guide will be completed. We are expecting to cover around 50 practice areas and regions. The breadth of our research is consistent with the size and complexity of the Brazil market, and we are making sure we cover all the important areas fairly and accurately.   

But our first Brazil guide is not the only project coming out this month. This very newsletter is a new opportunity for us to keep in touch and open a conversation about the many developments affecting our market and the legal community.  

It is an honour to us that this first edition features the market overviews of some of the most respected lawyers in the Brazilian market. The articles listed at the top of each section and on our landing page, as well as in this newsletter, provide formidable guidance for clients to have a sense of what lies ahead, including the bumps in the road and the fast lanes.  

The team behind the guide

Last but not least, let me also turn the spotlight on the pieces produced by our team. Our researcher Ana Elisa Brandt presents a D&I-focused interview. You can also read on how to take part in our research. I also had a very insightful chat with Supreme Court Justice Luís Roberto Barroso, which you can watch here.  

On top of that, of course, are our fresh rankings featuring the very best in their profession. All can be found on our brand new landing page at This work involved the dedication of many qualified and committed professionals across Chambers. I am very grateful for their work.   

I hope you enjoy it and that our research helps you to make considered decisions. If you like it or have any suggestions, please let us know.  

Stay safe, and if you wish to, stay in touch by emailing me at [email protected]


Chambers Brazil

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