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How to submit for Chambers Brazil

In this step by step article, Chambers Brazil assistant editor Douglas Ferreira explains the Chambers submissions process.

Published on 1 April 2021
Written by Douglas Ferreira
Douglas Ferreira

The simple guide to a successful submission for Chambers Brazil

What are the steps required for a successful submission for the Chambers Brazil guide and rankings? Follow our steps and advice below to aid your firm's submission.

  1. Create an account with us

    If you wish to have your work assessed by Chambers and Partners, first create an account with us by sending a request in English to [email protected]. Once this is done, you will be able to log in to your account and then upload your submission and referee list (read more about submissions and referee lists below, you will only need to fill in these two documents).

  2. Keep an eye on the deadline

    It is important that you send in your submission and referee list before the deadline. We research different practice areas at different times of the year, so we strongly advise you to keep track of specific deadlines by checking the Research Schedule section of our website at Select Brazil and find your practice area.

    Submissions and referee lists sent after the deadline may not be considered in the current research cycle.

  3. Filling in the submission

    There are only two documents you need to send: a submission and a referee list. The information provided will help us to assess your firm's work.

    The submission has the form of a Word document. It is your opportunity to showcase up to 20 Work Highlights. These should be matters undertaken by the firm in the last year that you think best represent your firm's work in any given practice area.

    It is crucial that you send matters that are relevant to the practice area for which you are submitting. Please take into account Chambers Practice Area Definitions when selecting cases. You can find them here: (use the definitions for Latin America for a closer reference).

    This is not an exhaustive list, but it should give you a good idea of what is considered relevant. Please describe your matters clearly and concisely. The researcher will look at the type of work carried out and will consider various factors such as whether the work is high profile, complex or innovative.

    Expert tips from the Chambers Brazil team

    Feel free to separate the description of a case into subheadings to make it more readable. For example:

    "Summary, Importance, Latest Development"
    "Overview, Complexity, Conclusion"

    Ensure that the work is relevant to the practice area in question. For example, an ICMS dispute for a media company is not Media & Entertainment; it's Tax: Litigation.

    Use one Work Highlight box for each matter. Don't pack different matters into the same Work Highlight box, even if the client is the same.

    Do not include more than 20 Work Highlights. We will only assess 20.

  4. The referee list

    In addition to the submission, please send us the contact details (email and telephone number) of up to 20 clients who worked with you in the past 12 months and who are willing to give feedback on the work carried out for them.

Tips and advice on how to send a submission for ranking in Chambers Brazil

Feel free to send the contact details of referees mentioned in the Work Highlights. This is not mandatory, but it is helpful if there is a correlation between the matters mentioned in the submission and the people we speak with.

Ask your referees first whether they are happy to be contacted by us and let them know we will get in touch during our research. Tell them that any comments used will not be attributable to them.

Let us get in touch directly with your referees as we appreciate their candid assessment.  

Don't send more than 20 referees. If you do, we will select 20 randomly.

Prioritise referees who worked with you in the past 12 months.


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