Regional growth in the Chambers UK Bar Guide 2024

Every year sees a vast undertaking of research at Chambers as we strive to identify and recognise the best sets and barristers in the market today. This is just as true in the regions as it is in London.

Published on 8 November 2023
Written by Mary Lobo
Mary Lobo

Regional rankings in the top 5 sets in the UK Bar

The 2024 Guide sees 222 set rankings across the Northern, North Eastern, Midlands, South East, Western and Wales & Chester circuits, split between 60 sets and 27 practice areas. There are also over 1500 individual rankings from 107 sets.    

However, this growth should not be pigeonholed as “not London”. It’s increasingly evident that sets need not be based in London to leave their mark on the legal landscape. Of our top 5 sets with the most set rankings, two are “regional”: No5 Barristers’ Chambers, which has a strong London presence but is based in Birmingham; and Kings Chambers, a stalwart on the Northern, North Eastern and Midlands Circuits. Kings takes the #1 spot, in fact, with 24 set rankings across the guide.

This highlights a number of things: firstly, the expansion of our guide as the circuits engage ever more with us; and secondly, that there is plenty of quality to be found outside of the capital. This will come as no surprise at all to practitioners on these circuits, of course, but it is our privilege to be able to recognise and champion this talent.

Interacting more with markets outside London

We know that our rankings are London-focused: those tend to be the largest tables, covering the most exhaustive range of practice areas. Year on year, though, we strive to interact more with other markets and to hear more about barristers and sets doing fantastic work on their Circuits. With every submission we get, every referee interview we conduct, every conversation with a barrister or a clerk, we get a lead on more top talent. We’re proud to be able to rank so many individuals and sets across our regional tables but we know we’ve barely scratched the surface.

Changes to the Civil Liberties Northern section

For our 2024 Guide, our Civil Liberties Northern section has changed its face; it now recognises talent across the regional circuits. We will therefore be accepting submissions from other circuits for our 2025 edition and we’re very excited to hear more about the work being done around the country to protect individuals’ rights. You can see the new table here.

As ever, if there are other tables that you would like to see added to our coverage, please get in touch with a member of the Bar editorial team – we’d love to hear from you. Our contact details can be found on the guide landing page.

Find out more about our submissions process and see the deadlines for the 2025 Bar Guide here.

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