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New ranking opportunities for law firms in Energy & Natural Resources

Firms submitting to Chambers UK now have more opportunities to submit to the Energy & Natural Resources category. Learn more about new tables for future rankings.

Published on 29 November 2022
Written by Jessica Anderson
Jessica Anderson

Law firms may provide separate submissions and client referees to:

  • Energy & Natural Resources: Power, Renewables & Alternative Energy 
  • Energy & Natural Resources: Oil & Gas 

We have increased the number of submissions here after law firms often noted that it was difficult to fully represent the full breadth of their practices in just 20 highlights. 

From the above submissions, we will create rankings in the following categories, just as we have done in previous years: 

  • Energy & Natural Resources: Power  
  • Energy & Natural Resources: Renewables & Alternative Energy 
  • Energy & Natural Resources: Oil & Gas 
  • Energy & Natural Resources: Disputes 
  • Energy & Natural Resources: Water 

This means that if a firm would like to be considered for a ranking in (eg) Disputes it will need to showcase its disputes activity within its two main submissions. This is exactly the same as it has been in the past, except that firms will have twice the submission space to do it in. 

Firms can also include any work in Water on the Energy & Natural Resources: Power, Renewables & Alternative Energy submission. 

Please note that, as always, we will have a distinct category for Mining, which firms may also provide a separate submission to. 

Please contact Jessica Anderson if you have any questions.

Jessica Anderson
Research Manager:
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