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How Your Firm Can Be Ranked in Chambers Global

Robinson Redmond, Chambers Global: International Capabilities Editor recently wrote for The Impact Lawyers providing details on the process for firms looking to be included in the Chambers Global guide.

Published on 18 May 2021
Written by Robinson Redmond
Robinson Redmond

An expert view on firm submissions for legal rankings

In an article with The Impact Lawyers, Robinson discusses the various categories of inclusion for the guide, each of which have their own requirements.

These range from local jurisdictional rankings, to regional, global and International & Cross-Border Capabilities ranking categories. Some of which are open to direct submissions while others draw on the vast amount of information already provided to Chambers.

The submission document to support firm's submissions for ranking

Firms are encouraged to provide submissions and references for those categories which are open to submissions and alternatively providing this information to the relevant local jurisdiction practice areas where not.

For more information about the Chambers submission process please click here.

How the Chambers rankings work

Across all practice areas and ranking categories, Chambers looks for evidence that firms and practitioners we include in our rankings have the necessary skills to meet clients' requirements in that market. This can be demonstrated through impressive work highlights, positive feedback from their clients and reference as well as strong market commentary.

To learn more information about the Chambers research methodology please click here.

Support and advice for firms looking to submit

For many new firms, the submissions process can seem like a daunting task, however the Chambers Global team are on hand to provide further assistance and advice on the best practices to successfully submit firm's for future rankings. We also run How-to webinars, where our team of researchers and editors discuss in detail what makes a successful submission and offer important guidance for firms to utilise within their submissions. For more information, please visit the Chambers Global guide page below, alternatively you are welcome to email a member of the team per your jurisdiction; these details can also be found on the guide page.


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