How-to Chambers Israel Webinar FAQs

Below, the Chambers Global team provide the answers to those questions asked during the live How-to Chambers: Israel webinar.

Published on 31 March 2021
Written by Nisha Sawon
Nisha Sawon

During the How-to Chambers: Israel webinar, the Chambers Global team provided a unique look at the research process for the guide and offered information and guidance for submitting law firms and lawyers. This was then followed by an interactive Q&A session. The questions asked and answers to these, are listed below. The webinar is also now available to watch on-demand here.

Where is environmental law considered?

We do not currently cover environment as its own section, however it may be relevant to include environmental matters arising in the course of the development of real estate or infrastructure/ energy projects.  

Where is sports law considered?

Sports law is considered currently under TMT: Media and broadcasting, as Entertainment falls into the media category. However, this isn’t the focus of the section and purely demonstrating sports law work is unlikely to constitute a strong submission. 

Can a small firm with less than 20 matters participate in research?

There is no obligation to include the maximum number of work highlights and – we would not necessarily expect a smaller firm to have as many work highlights as a full-service firm, and the quality of the firm’s work is more important to us than the number of matters included. However, it is important to ensure you provide enough different matters on your submission to allow us to make fair assessment of the breadth of the firm’s work in the market relative to that of its competitors. 

We would always encourage firms to provide the maximum number of referees, where possible, even if the team decides to submit fewer work highlights. We don’t rank firms on their size and are keen to include smaller firms in our research process. 

How do the new questions in the submission regarding parental leave effect the rankings?

If an individual is on extended parental or sick leave, they will keep their ranking for a limited period. Please find more information about this policy here.

With regards to market feedback, how do you avoid being blindsided by rivalries?

Researchers are well-informed on the markets they handle, and decisions are overseen by experienced members of the team with in-depth knowledge. This ensures the team has a good understanding of the market. 

Furthermore, market feedback is predominantly used as an indicator, so any specific ‘rivalries’ would have little impact, as one or two pieces of peer feedback form a very small part of our overall picture of a department.  

We also look at feedback and work cumulatively, so if there is repeated unsubstantiated negative feedback given year-on-year by the same individual or group, this will be apparent to the research team. 

Is the planning and zoning practice a part of the real estate submission?

Zoning & Planning work should be submitted as part of the real estate submission. 

Is there a mailing list to receive information on upcoming webinars and trainings?

If you would like to be added to the mailing list as the point of contact for your firm, please do get in touch with [email protected].  

What if we want to submit referees for April and June?

If you would like the same referee to be contacted for an April section and a June section, please endeavour to get referee spreadsheets for the relevant sections uploaded by April. This will ensure they are asked about both practice areas.  

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